Project for empowering poor families in Gaza Strip

///Project for empowering poor families in Gaza Strip
Project for empowering poor families in Gaza Strip 2017-05-28T14:28:14+00:00

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The project idea based on supporting a number of small projects for the poorest and economically marginalized families in all the districts of the Gaza Strip. The selection of beneficiaries will be based on a database provided by Riyadh Society or by Ministry of Social Affairs to nominate the poorest families that do not have a basic source of income. Then, to provide a brief description about the project idea or to prepare a feasibility study according to the nature of each project and the extent of its conformity to the terms and criteria, especially after conducting the field survey to confirm their data.
The Riyadh Society shall supervise and follow up all stages of project implementation, including the financial transactions such as disbursing financial checks and other.
This includes improving the economic activities of poor families, improving income and food security, and eventually getting the family out of poverty by owning a project that generates income helps them to rely on themselves.

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