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This project aims to mobilize the capacities of needy families and entrepreneurs to launch productive projects amid these difficult circumstances to prepare and implement very small project that enable them to fill their needs without relying on aid and donations.

The project idea is to provide a Hassan loan with no fees interest for a number of beneficiaries in exchange for bank guarantees, which should be paid in monthly installments after the completion of implementing the project for a period of time.
It is an ongoing cyclical project, where 25 projects have been implemented previously in the Gaza Strip.
This project is consistent with the charity’s policy aimed at improving the living conditions of those who do not find jobs, especially as they provide a living for large families.

This project is particularly important in light of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, the high unemployment rates, the destroyed infrastructure and economic conditions of the Palestinian people, which led the entrepreneurs to implement the microfinance program with soft mechanisms and controls in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance.

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