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Governmental hospitals in the Gaza Strip face many challenges and obstacles to their development. The Israeli occupation is considered the main offender of health rights of citizens in the Gaza Strip. As the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip prevents the entry of medicines, medical equipment and medical staff , also it prevents the movement of patients. Where governmental hospitals in the Gaza Strip suffer from a shortage in the number of doctors and nurses. In addition , hospitals also suffer from shortages of laboratory equipment and human resources. (Independent Commission for Human Rights, 2009).

As for travel through the Erez crossing, it becomes extremely difficult, where the Palestinian citizen is subjected to humiliation to get permission to enter the occupied territories for medical examinations, not to mention the extortion on patients practiced by the Israeli occupation and the attempts to beat people to provide  some information to Israeli security services, in addition to arresting to some citizens because of their involvement in the resistance. The Palestinian citizen also incurs high expenses in travel, residence and conducting medical examinations abroad, which is not suitable with the deteriorating economic situation in the Gaza Strip because of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for  nearly nine years and the Palestinian division and the increase in unemployment rates and the reduction of UNRWA services.

From here, the Palestinian society in the Gaza Strip has a great need for a specialized diagnostic and advanced center that  provides all the laboratory tests and X-rays required by the Palestinian citizens at nominal prices and contributes to fill the shortage experienced by government hospitals and provides medical and  treatment services with high quality for citizens.

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