Drill an artesian well in Palestinian camps

///Drill an artesian well in Palestinian camps
Drill an artesian well in Palestinian camps 2017-06-07T12:45:08+00:00

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Project Summary / The artesian wells project is very essential as the grave scarcity of water suitable for human use in most districts in the Gaza Strip because of the excessive salinity of wells water due to several reasons. Foremost, the occupation authorities, which took over the ground water and pumped it into the Green Line lands in order to empty the Gaza Strip of potable groundwater.

The salinity of groundwater used by people began to increase a year after year where it threatens the lives of people. More than one scientific institution and regulatory body warned of that groundwater that people uses in irrigation, is not suitable for human drink.

This phenomenon has a serious impact on people that began to appear on the health side, especially the renal failure and kidney diseases that have spread in the past ten years.

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