Desalination Plant Project Proposal

///Desalination Plant Project Proposal
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Project summary:

The drinking water crisis is one of the most complex and widespread problems in the Gaza Strip, especially with the scarcity of water resources and the pollution of the available ones with very high quantities of nitrates, in addition to their unfit for human consumption as their negative impact on of human health. These shortage forced Palestinian to provide water appropriate for human use.
The Gaza Strip is considered one of the most densely populated areas affected by the water crisis due to the Israeli occupation’s control on the groundwater. In light of the water crisis, the idea of drilling a well and establishing a desalination plant for water was targeted came. The project targets the residents of Gaza and Al-Daraj neighborhood areas.
Many families in the Gaza Strip suffer from the availability of potable water, especially poor and needy families and those living in distant places, forcing their children to walk long distances to bring water in small quantities because they cannot bear the more loads.

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