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About the charity

Al-Riyad Charity Society for Community Development is a Palestinian, non-profit, independent organization founded in the middle of 2015 according to the Palestinian Charities and Associations Law No. (1) for the year 2000 and its executive regulations. The charity holds a license number (8511) and provides several relief and development services for many categories in the Palestinian society. The charity obtained a number of credits and membership locally and internationally.

Having a leading and effective role in the life of our Palestinian society.

We seek to provide a bunch of sustainable relief and development services that serve all categories of Palestinian society in a way that contributes to creating better living conditions.

  • Support and empower needy families and orphans in order to be productive and active families in the community.
  • Help and empower young people and enhance their social role.
  • Provide health services targeting individuals and institutions.
  • Establish development and endowment projects that invest in charity.
  • Contribute to provide a decent life for the child and women in society.
  • Build bridges of cooperation between individuals and institutions locally and internationally.