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Al-Riyad Society opend two project AlRiyad bakery and Artesian well

On the opening ceremony of Riyad Charity Projects Dr.. Baher : Riyad Association caretaker for charity & Thanks for women Qatar Professor Shaheen: We are working for the poor and we beside everyone  resist blockade [...]

9of beneficiaries start their small project with cost 2100$

Hassan loan project beneficiaries starts to implement their small project within the first phase of the project which start up by Riyad Charity Society for Community Development in Gaza and has funded by International Islamic [...]

Riyad and Tayssir Society implement closing ceremony for Radwan project

Riyad Charity & Tayssir Society implement closing ceremony for Radwan project to marry some Quran hafiz  , the project  accomplished  with funding  from International  Islamic Charitable Organization in Kuwait and support of some charitable women [...]

Riyad Charity distributed sponsorship for April month to the orphans and poor families in Gaza strip with cost 4,600$

Dr. Riyad Shaheen (Chairman of the board of director)  said  that “35 poor family benefit  from 10.000 shekel as aid offer monthly for them , in addition 3,720 shekel for 36 children orphan sponsorship, and [...]

Success Stories

“I lived with my family  a harsh life due to dropped economic conditions in the Gaza Strip, but our life began to improve gradually after the charitable people  able to know my condition and my family .Thanks to  Riyad Charity Society for effort exerted .

Thank to Allah so much for his mercy  which was reason to improved our lives, Today I can support my family and offer their needs . Now my children very happy because I able to offer all their needs.

Ahmed Mohammed (One of beneficiaries of Hassan loan project)