Al-Riyad Society opend two project AlRiyad bakery and Artesian well

//Al-Riyad Society opend two project AlRiyad bakery and Artesian well

Al-Riyad Society opend two project AlRiyad bakery and Artesian well

On the opening ceremony of Riyad Charity Projects

Dr.. Baher : Riyad Association caretaker for charity & Thanks for women Qatar

Professor Shaheen: We are working for the poor and we beside everyone  resist blockade

Riyad Society – Gaza – Palestine

In a big ceremony in the center of Gaza City implemented by the Riyad Charity Society  to open two project of its new projects, Dr. Ahmed Bahr (The Second Vice of the Legislative Council) , said that the good of us, and in our people and all charity for our people who have resist siege for 11 years, who suffered from  calamities & pain .he appreciated the role of AL. Riyad Charity in his speech :

 we proud of  the role Riyad charity which appears in serving our sons , our people and the needy  of them. It is light,  and healing for a group people  they are for people who are losing their  food day and orphans. Blessed on  this society , administration and their  staff.

Dr. Baher  sent special congratulations and thanks to the women of Qatar ,the people of Qatar and the State of Qatar for their aid and still present them for the benefit of worth, and make them happy and inserted  joy on their homes, and draw a smile on the visage of their children,

Saying: “Thank you for supporter, thank to those who donated to us, and thank  to the Riyad Society who grow charity in our heart.

Professor Riyad Shaheen Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society, confirmed that the charitable projects in Riyad were a source of charity  such as   charity  artesian well , which will benefit over 50,000 citizens from the Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City. ,and another source of charity    AL-Riyad automated bakery  in TAL ESLAM area )TAL EL HAWA ). Which will benefit from it and from the income hundreds of poor, and to ensure huge number  of families and orphans. And he  sends all the love , all thanks and gratitude to those who were cause of these sources charity projects, for those who offer all  effort  to be the supporting hand and supportive of the Riyad Society which their work to ensure the families , orphans and poor needy, , and he sent  especial thanks to charity sisters of the State of Qatar.”

Professor Shaheen emphasize that his association will remain proud because help poor and supportive of their dreams and ambitions, and build to them a decent and satisfied life. His association raised its big emblem, which carries a lot of responsibility in it.)We hold charity to you),and add  thanks to all attendance here in opening ceremony charity projects.

In the same context, Mohammed hmaid executive director of the Riyad Society   said   “These projects come as part of our sense of social responsibility towards our people and backing  them to develop an important structure in the local community,” adding that the society seeks to implement many charitable development projects in the near future and  reinforcement the role of human .

The opening ceremony of the charitable projects was within a big  a ceremony implemented by the Riyad Charity Society in the center of Gaza City on Wednesday, 7-6-2017. A number of speech were in opening ceremony the first speech of the Municipality of Gaza, Engineer Nizar Hijazi. , Followed by the speech  of the Riyad Charity ,Prof Riyad shaheen. At the end the speech the  guest  ceremony  dr. Ahmed Baher. next  opening directly, in  distinguished and impressive presence of of the important key  figures and academic and philanthropists in the region, and a group of the masses and families of the people of the suffering Gaza Strip.

It is worth mentioning that the Riyad Charity Society for Community Development implemented the Riyad Automated  Bakery Project with total cost of $ 160,000 and the Well of Nabe Al-Khair artesian, which was fully monitored by the Municipality of Gaza and the relevant staff with total cost of $ 226,200.

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